Liz's Puerto Rican Flavors

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Beautiful Puerto Rico

Liz's Puerto Rican Flavors

In this page you will find traditional Puerto Rican home cooked recipes that I prepared for my family with a lot of love! I have been far away from my island and I had to find ways to stay connected to with my roots.

I'm not a professional but, been away from home and not finding Puerto Rican restaurants in the area or places were to easily find Puerto Rican food, I got inspired to perfected my recipes so I can provide my girls with traditional holidays meal. Itís my way to connect my girls with their culture.

I hope you try these recipes and enjoy them, they are DELICIOUS!!

Puerto Rico's Cake (Biscocho Mojadito)

Delicious Cakes from Puerto Rico (Authentic)

Liz's Puerto Rican Flavors

Photo of Ponce Puerto Rico

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